Treated Myself with New Workout Gear

I love getting new workout clothes. To be honest, I prefer buying workout gear more than clothes for work because I can either lounge or exercise in them.

Even though I usually buy my workout clothes from Marshalls because how inexpensive they are (I seriously bought 5 pairs of leggings in under $30 one time), I decided to order an outfit from Fabletics, the online store for exercise and casual clothing co-founded by actress, Kate Hudson. I first joined as a VIP member because I wanted to buy an entire outfit (top + bra + bottom) for $25. I was so impressed with the high quality clothing and their quick delivery, that I ordered two more outfits.

This one particular outfit I just received today. It may look plain on the photo (wish I was a great photographer), but I loved the fabrics used and they are so comfy when I tried them on. Plus, they look too pretty to sweat on, so I may wear them around the house.

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