TBT – Verizon Corporate Classic 2015

Here’s a Throwback Thursday post for you going back to…LAST MONTH!

I participated in the Verizon Corporate Classic 5K race for my corporate team in Morristown, NJ as part of my training for the October’s Staten Island Half. Over 5000 participants – runners and walkers – took advantage of the beautiful early evening weather and went through the hilly course for a good cause. The proceeds went to the Jersey Battered Women’s Service (JBWS), which provides valuable life-saving services to victims of domestic violence and their families.

As I mentioned before, the course had some hills, especially around the 2nd-3rd mile and gradually heading towards the finish line. I knew that going in after a couple of people told me about it and I tried to be prepared. Morristown is a hilly place, but not even close to the high hills in San Francisco (even walking through those hills is a huge challenge, but a good leg workout). Whenever I run through a hill, I tilt my body forward and slow down my pace to a jog, using my legs to “climb” up the hill. I don’t know how other runners usually do it, but that seems to work well for me and I don’t exert too much energy. My overall time was 35:16 min.

Anyways, here are some photos from the race. It was a fun and challenging course that I hope to run again next year.

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