Getting Back to Healthy Basics

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s only been 4 months since my last post. I need to do better in building this page.

So what have I been doing since my last update? Well, after my last race in December, I took a break from training. Unfortunately, my lack of running (or exercise in general) ended up going back to my old eating habits, which resulted in gaining 15 pounds in 3-4 months (see what I looked like then)! It’s very sad that you work so hard in losing weight but a whole lot easier to gain it back! Despite the mild winter here in NJ, I still gained some winter weight. Which is why I’m starting from scratch.

This past month, I did a 21 Day Challenge, which includes a first week of detox and two weeks of healthy eating and exercise. I ended up losing six pounds and 2.5 inches during those three weeks.

Here are my before and after shots. I did the challenge from March 6-26. Maybe to some, six pounds is not a lot of weight, but I was more focused in jumpstarting my weight loss. Even my BMI and Body Fat went down after three weeks.

The weight loss has propelled me to continue with a longer weight loss program, including a focus on strength training and running. My goal is to lose between 10-15 lbs (140-145 lbs) by Memorial Day!

Plus, I signed up for two races in April. The first one is the Essex County Cherry Blossom 10K in Newark, NJ on April 10. I’ve actually ran this a couple times a few years ago and the best part of the race is seeing the cherry blossoms bloom during that time.

The second one is the Rutgers UNITE Half Marathon ONE WEEK LATER on April 17. I have been training the past couple of months, but not as consistent as when I was training for last November’s Staten Island Half Marathon. My job has been pretty hectic lately, so it’s been challenging to schedule my training runs. Regardless, I’ll be ready on 4/17.

By the way, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ll get better in posting, especially that I have a goal in mind right now. Plus, if you have any questions about the 21 Day Challenge, please let me know!

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