Asian American Women and Body Insecurities

I wanted to share this video from Buzzfeed because I can definitely relate. Even though all women can relate to this video, this one really hits harder, especially as an Asian woman.

I was never petite nor skinny, even though I was told at a younger age that’s what an Asian woman should look like. I was told that I was chubby and shouldn’t eat too much, however at the same time, I should eat all my food so it’s not a waste.

I have broad shoulders, I’m dark and I have muscular legs. There’s nothing I can do about that. I don’t fit the “stereotypical Asian woman physique,” whatever that means.

And to this day, I accept that!

One thought on “Asian American Women and Body Insecurities

  1. I’m not Asian but when I was with my Japanese husband whom I married at 18 he told me 21 was old. And the sizes at the department stores were so small I starved my six foot body to become 115 pounds to fit them. The word for tall in Japanese has a dual meaning. It can be “large” or “tall.” Sometimes it is both. But it is not a positive description. I empathize with what you are saying.


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